The Cycle at Infinity Cemetery

Back to the Earth

Death is the great equalizer. This earthly cycle that we all experience begins with our birth and ends with our death. No mortal being remains alive forever. Every human, every animal, every plant, every micro-organism, even every rock and mineral is part of the natural cycle of creation and destruction, life and death.

At Infinity Cemetery we believe that our mortal remains should be returned to the earth in a simple and unobstructed way. With Cremated Remains Burials we mix your ashes with an equal amount of the native soil, and return the remains to nature by green burial one and a half feet deep. With Natural Burials we follow the Green Burial Council recommendations of four foot deep burial of un-embalmed remains with only biodegradable containers or shrouds. We take elaborate care to remove the surface layer of native topsoil, intact with it’s plant cover, and then carefully return this to the top of the grave exactly as it was found. The gravesite is then watered once for compaction and the remains are allowed to completely return to nature, to be forever undisturbed. There is no division. No non-biodegradeable casket or urn separates us from the earth. No metal marker is left behind to identify the gravesite as separate from all the surrounding natural beauty.

Invisible from the actual burial site, exact coordinates are recorded of the latitude and longitude of each individual burial. These location records are part of the permanent private records of Infinity Cemetery, assuring the uniqueness of every green burial. We utilize less than 2% of the actual surface area of the cemetery as designated Green Burial Spaces, thus enabling us to work around all the existing native plants, trees and rock formations. Once a burial has taken place on a site, that site will be forever undisturbed by human activity. No lawnmowers or chainsaws, no backhoes or other machinery, no irrigation, no disturbance of any kind. A burial at Infinity Cemetery literally means to Rest in Peace.