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Rules and Regulations of Infinity Cemetery

Infinity Cemetery LLC is a private cemetery located at 13360 Rose Creek Rd, Bozeman MT 59715.

The Client is the Grantee listed in the Contract for Conveyance of a Cemetery Burial Privilege as Recorded at the Gallatin County, Montana Clerk and Recorder. These Rules and Regulations apply to the Client and any heirs or assigns.

The following Rules and Regulations apply to all burials at Infinity Cemetery.

  1. The use of the Green Burial Space and Memorial Page by the Client shall be subject to these Rules and Regulations of Infinity Cemetery LLC, as they presently stand or are later amended.
  2. Each Green Burial Space Privilege will be used only once, only for the burial of cremated remains delivered to Infinity Cemetery LLC.
  3. The cremated remains delivered to Infinity Cemetery will be removed from the urn or container and mixed with the native soil of the grave, deposited in the bottom of the grave, and returned to nature forever.
  4. Our staff usually does the actual burial of the cremated remains privately, hand digging or boring the six inch diameter grave about a foot and a half deep. Upon request, up to a page of text will be read by our staff at the time of burial. By appointment, we will accommodate a small, physically fit burial party capable of navigating the steep mile-high elevation mountainous terrain and thick vegetation on foot.
  5. The washed, empty urn or container will be disposed of by Infinity Cemetery at our sole discretion, unless the Client makes other arrangements with Infinity Cemetery in advance. Only if accompanied in the original express package by a self-addressed label and prepaid postage will an urn will be returned to the Client.
  6. The Green Burial Space will be maintained solely by Infinity Cemetery LLC, in the natural pristine condition of typical wildland of this location – covered with native vegetation only.
  7. After burial, all Green Burial Spaces are fully restored to their natural condition, and are essentially invisible. The remains are thus completely returned to nature.
  8. No surface markers or memorials of any kind are allowed within Infinity Cemetery. The exact location of the Green Burial Space will be recorded by Infinity Cemetery LLC with latitude and longitude coordinates, and the lot number will be shared to the Client, and their heirs or assigns.
  9. Relatives, friends and associates of the deceased buried at Infinity Cemetery are welcome to visit the general cemetery area during daylight hours, by appointment only. Please contact us at least several days in advance, at info@infinitycemetery.com. A steep, half-mile hiking trail looping around the cemetery is seasonably available, depending on weather and terrain conditions. All visitors will be asked to sign a liability release before entering the conservation area. All pets must be kept on leash at all times. The cemetery is located on a working ranch and not all times are available for visiting, and roads and trails are generally not easily accessible during winter months. In general the exact burial sites are not accessible, as the burial ground is steep and thickly forested, and is kept in a pristine, wild, natural condition with only wildlife trails. Please limit visits to only physically fit individuals capable of navigating the steep, mile-high elevation mountainous terrain and undeveloped hiking trail on foot.
  10. Included at no extra cost with this Conveyance of a Cemetery Burial Privilege is one Virtual Online Memorial Page of up to 100 MB, in the name of the deceased, to be hosted by Infinity Cemetery LLC at infinitycemetery.com. Content of the Memorial Page may be monitored and will be removed if, in the sole judgment of Infinity Cemetery LLC, it is offensive or defamatory in nature.
  11. Infinity Cemetery LLC hereby covenants to deposit for each paid burial in an irrevocable and perpetual trust for care and maintenance, 15% of the gross sale price, to protect and maintain the Green Burial Space in an undisturbed, wildlands condition; the Infinity Cemetery Sanctuary and Memorial Garden; and to host the associated Memorial Pages, for as long as the laws of the State of Montana governing the Conveyance of a Green Burial Space Privilege are in force.
  12. Related to this Conveyance of a Cemetery Burial Privilege, there are no additional costs or charges for any additional goods or services of any kind, including graveside services. The Virtual Online Memorial Page is a no-additional-charge option and may be kept private by Client.

Return Policy

Our guarantee: We will always provide an understanding, kind and compassionate, completely natural burial and memorial experience for our bereaved clients. If you change your mind about the cremated remains green burial and contact us within five days of your order, and we have not yet completed the burial, we will return the cremated remains to you and refund your purchase price minus the return shipping costs. After the burial has been completed, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your purchase and cancel your memorial page if you contact us with a reasonable explanation within thirty days. Buried cremated remains have been integrated into the earth, and cannot be returned without a court order.