Burial Privileges


Under Montana’s Big Sky in the Spectacular Bridger Mountains

In lieu of a conventional burial entombed in a casket or scattering ashes, at Infinity Cemetery, you get a permanent resting place that’s one with the earth.

We offer two Green Burial methods



With each burial, we are committed to differentiating ourselves with the highest green burial standards.

Send your cremated remains to us, and we will bury them honorably, and guard them forever. Upon request, we will accommodate a small, physically fit burial party capable of navigating the steep, mile-high elevation, mountainous terrain and thick vegetation on foot. Return physical access to the general burial site is by appointment only.

Although grave markers are not permitted, as they interrupt the pristine beauty of our burial grounds, the exact location of each individual burial site is meticulously documented and recorded within a deeded nature conservation site that is guaranteed by a perpetual trust to be preserved forever.

Continuous webcams provide constant online access to your beautiful wildland cemetery, and can be linked to your online Memorial Page or used as a screen saver.


A small hole is hand dug in Calliope Field, on an untouched hillside above a spring creek that is part of the headwaters of the great Missouri River. The ashes are mixed with equal parts topsoil, and laid to rest under the original plant cover. Our goal is always to leave the space as found, with minimal disturbance to the natural habitat. This simple and beautiful method provides the opportunity to truly return to nature after passing.



With Natural Green Burials, a grave is hand-dug roughly four feet deep, carefully preserving the top layer of soil and plant life. The un-embalmed body is then gently placed in the grave within an approved biodegradable burial container or wrapped in a biodegradable shroud. The soil and plant cover is then carefully replaced in the same order that it was removed. Natural Green Burials generally take place within 24 hours of death, and are only available April through October to accommodate the winter conditions of Montana.



Each green burial is carefully performed to ensure the most intimate and meaningful experience of connecting one back to mother earth.

The use of heavy equipment is not permitted, and each grave is 100% hand dug. The green burial process is centered around preserving the beauty of life, finding harmony with nature and giving back to the planet long after one has passed.


100% Natural. Truly Beautiful.

We understand it can be overwhelming when faced with the task of choosing what to do with cremated remains, or the burial of a loved one. This is why we established Infinity Cemetery, a place where you can depend on the most natural and ecological burial process, in a setting that’s truly extraordinary. Because we care, we take care of all the hard stuff, giving you an easily accomplished, simple, honorable burial process for cremated or natural remains in a wildland setting that’s only a few clicks away to visit online. You get to choose the burial method that works for you, Cremated or Natural, and with each burial you also receive a state-of-the-art, permanent online memorial page that’s fully customizable with text, pictures, and videos.

We also accept non-human remains with the same terms and conditions, and we will reserve your pre-paid burial locations to keep your adjoining burials as close together in death as in life.

At last, you’ve found an idyllic place where you and your loved ones can find peace, preserve earth’s precious resources, and return to nature’s cycle.