Information and Education
The Green Burial Council (GBC) is a non-profit organization focused on environmentally sustainable end-of-life options through education and certification programs. Infinity Cemetery is certified as a Natural Green Burial ground by GBC. This is a wonderful resource for further information about green burial.
The Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) provides information about funeral planning so individuals and families are fully prepared and protected when planning a funeral. This site is helpful for knowing your legal rights when it comes to end-of-life decisions.
The National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA) is a non-profit organization focused on supporting home funeral education. Home Funerals are defined on their website as a family or community-centered response to death and after-death care, with an emphasis on being minimally invasive and environmentally-friendly. Their site contains great information about home funerals, from practical to legal.
Natural Transistions is a nonprofit resource center. Visit this site for information on holistic and green approaches to end-of-life, including information about home funerals.
Advocacy for the death positive movement. Encouraging making death part of your life as mortality is inevitable. Many resources on what occurs when a person dies, how to prepare for death, as well as a blog and podcasts about death and dying.

Green Burial Products
Green Funeral Products certified by the GBC. Look here for beautiful shrouds made in various fabrics and colors.
Focused on making natural funeral merchandise accessible to everyone. Look here for simple cardboard coffins and linen burial shrouds.
Passages offers green and natural burial products. Look here for wicker caskets, bamboo coffins and willow carriers all certified by the Green Burial Council for use in green burials.
“Our goal at Nature’s Casket is to provide simple, yet elegant, eco-caskets with a minimal environmental footprint. We start with beautiful blue-stained pine from the lodgepole pine trees killed in the pine beetle epidemic. We produce our caskets in a facility powered with wind credits. All of our products are made with non-toxic materials approved by the Green Burial Council and are 100% biodegradable.”
Free plans and instructions for building a casket yourself. Also have the option to purchase a casket making kit that contains precut wood ready for assembly.
For additional products that are approved by the Green Burial Council, see this section of their website.

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