Sharing our Land

The Infinity Cemetery nature preserve in fall colors

Infinity Cemetery is privately located on our small ranch in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains, four miles east of Bozeman, Montana, and is unusual in several respects.

The cemetery is a 28 acre deeded, undeveloped nature preserve. There is a lot of wildlife here. The protected-for-perpetuity north-facing hillside includes Douglas-fir forest and aspen woodland. The wooded cemetery site is pristine and has never been developed, logged or otherwise cut or cleared or even driven on. It is totally natural and otherwise undisturbed.

It is possible to arrange be buried in close proximity to ones family members, friends, companions, associates or beloved animals. We offer only Green Burials, and specialize in burying cremated remains. where just the pure ashes are mixed with the native soil and are buried at only about one and a half feet depth, with no containment. This practice ensures the fastest possible incorporation of the remains back into the earth. We also accept Natural Burials (unembalmed bodies in bio-degradable coffins or shrouds) seasonally, April through October, by prior arrangement. After burial, the exact location of the grave is carefully noted and recorded. All gravesites are fully restored to their natural condition. With no stone or metal markers, the grave is essentially indistinguishable from the surrounding ecosystem. The remains are thus completely returned to nature. 

In general the exact burial sites are not easily accessible, as the land is steep and thickly forested, and is kept in a pristine natural condition with only rough wildlife trails. Our staff usually does the actual burial of cremated remains privately, hand digging or boring the grave. We will read a prayer, poem or text if you wish. Upon request, we will accommodate a small, physically fit burial party capable of navigating the steep mile-high mountainous terrain and thick vegetation on foot, for both cremated remains burials and Natural Burials. Access to visit the gravesites is by appointment only, and valet service from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport – BZN – is available. Please email or call for details and price. 

A more accessible ½ mile loop hiking trail through the nature preserve, and a sanctuary and memorial garden, are under construction and should be available for visitors by the fall of 2018. Two continuous webcams provide easy visibility of Infinity Cemetery and the abundant wildlife from any internet capable device. One webcam is aimed south at the cemetery site from an adjoining ridge to the north, on the other side of Rose Creek, and provides a scenic view. The other webcam is located at a secluded undeveloped spring several hundred yards to the east of the primary cemetery site, and frequently features wildlife including many birds, deer, elk and moose as well as occasional visits by bears, coyotes and bobcats and perhaps a rarely seen mountain lion.