Our Story

Calliope Field, for Green Burials of Cremated Remains

Our Love Story. Quincy and Rae OrHai, founded Infinity Cemetery LLC in the late spring of 2017 at the Little Red Hen Ranch, four miles east of Bozeman, Montana. This is our 40-years-now love story.

We met in college in 1975, and fell in love in 1977. We are both from southeastern US families, and we had each, separately, lived and worked in the Rocky Mountains and knew we wanted to live here. Quincy had lived and worked in the mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, northern Nevada and British Columbia, and Rae in Colorado. We had also, separately, visited the northern Rockies and Bozeman, and were attracted to the culture, climate and scenery. One of the great mutual attractions we still feel toward each other is our common desire to live simply on our own land, making a living from the land as much as possible, treating the land gently and living shared lives of love, kindness and compassion. After we were married in 1978, in Telluride, Colorado, we lived and worked in the mountains of Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico. Finally in 1983, almost a decade after we had each first visited Bozeman, we decided to move here.

Selling our rural property in Silver City, New Mexico, we came to the Gallatin Valley in the fall of 1984 with two small sons and one on the way. After six months of futile searching, we found the property soon to be known as the Little Red Hen Ranch in the spring of 1985. Our vacant land presented us with all the opportunities and challenges of the homesteaders of the previous century. We determined, as much as possible, to live as naturally as we could manage, and to do as much for ourselves as we could. Thus the name of our ranch, named after the famous children’s folktale of the wise little red hen who, when finding some grains of wheat, plants, harvests, threshes, and mills the wheat into flour, and bakes the flour into bread to feed herself and her chicks. In a likewise manner we have built all our own rural infrastructure, including roads, fencing, corrals, a spring-fed gravity water system, underground utility power, direct transmission Wi-Fi, two residential houses and started construction on two earth-bermed passive solar homes, as well as a large barn and a large chicken house and numerous smaller outbuildings. We have used recycled and repurposed materials as much as possible, and done a lot of the labor as a family.

We have raised dairy goats here in the foothills of the Bridger Mountains for over thirty years now, along with, from time to time, cattle, sheep, horses, chickens and donkeys. Our three sons and our daughter all grew up without the “benefits” of television, and each chose homeschooling and self-determined continuing education. Two sons, Jake and Avram, are helping to continue the homestead process. With Jake's two children there are now three generations of the OrHai family helping at the Little Red Hen Ranch.

Our commitment to living our lives together on our land and as naturally as possible is now being extended into a new venture. Our personal stories concerning what to do with loved one’s cremated remains include having a parent’s cremains improperly stored and then lost – location unknown. Also another parent insisted on direct cremation and leaving her cremains to her children - to deal with as they see fit.

We have observed how even elaborate, expensive and stately gravestones only a century old are literally falling apart and becoming illegible in Bozeman’s well maintained public cemetery, victims of Montana’s rugged climate. Recent data indicates that over 1.3 million humans and 2 million pets are cremated annually in the USA. About a third of these cremains are buried and another third the ashes are scattered or dumped, sometimes furtively or inappropriately, on land and water. The remaining third are in limbo, awaiting a final resting place.

Our pledge to you:

We will always provide an understanding, kind and compassionate, completely natural burial and memorial experience for our bereaved clients. Infinity Cemetery is committed to the highest Natural Burial and Green Burial standards, and to providing the highest quality, completely natural, dignified final resting place for burials.

There are no hidden or additional charges.

The total cost of a cremated remains burial at Infinity Cemetery LLC is $1854, and a Natural Burial is $9999. Both include the Green Burial Space, the actual burial (opening and closing), with or without a reading of up to a page of text, poetry or prayer, an emailed photograph of the gravesite, and an optional 100 MB online permanent memorial page here at infinitycemetery.com.