Infinity Cemetery Burial Grounds

We are here to help you to let go. We simplify your emotional letting go process with our guarantee of compassionate care forever for your loved ones remains, and a reasonably priced simple online order system. Here is our offer to you:

• We will return your dead to Nature. We will give back your loved one’s remains in a dignified and respectful Green Burial, directly into our native soil, in a protected, pristine wildlands location, to be guarded forever. We believe that after death it is time to surrender the body’s remains to the forces of nature, allowing the remaining matter of the body to reenter the cycle of life and death. We do not believe in placing obstacles in the path of this natural process, such as caskets and vaults, or even urns. Our cemetery is in a rugged location, and will remain a nature preserve - a natural, peaceful, pristine environment of deeded wildland - forever. Further assurance of the land’s protection is given by a permanent trust fund for it’s care and maintenance. You are welcome to visit your loved ones burial location before, during and after burial, (by appointment only please - we are also a working ranch), if you are physically fit and capable of negotiating the steep, mile-high elevation, mountainous terrain and thick vegetation on foot. If you are physically challenged and want to visit, a memorial garden and sanctuary that you can drive close to, seasonally, is planned for near the road below the burial grounds.

• We will help you create a perpetual, detailed online memorial. We will provide the opportunity for you to create a personalized memorial on our web page as a lasting alternative to easily destroyed traditional memorials. We pledge to maintain these virtual memorials forever, and are backing our pledge with a perpetual care and maintenance trust fund overseen by the State of Montana. A continuous webcam will provide constant online access to the cemetery area, and can be linked to the online Memorial Page.

• We will honor your dead forever. Our belief is that a private, family held business based on private land is the best way to guarantee continuity of service from generation to generation. We are committed to the ideas embodied in our motto “Return to Nature ~ Honored Forever”. We are committed to excellence and transparency and honesty in all our business and personal lives. We also believe that everyone deserves to be remembered. Everyone merits a lasting memorial, and the only truly lasting way to accomplish that, and to make the memorial actually accessible to others, now and in the future, is with a permanent virtual memorial page.

• We recognize your relationships. We provide the opportunity for you to purchase adjoining cemetery plots at a discount, if you wish to have family or friends or associates buried in close proximity together. Payment now will reserve adjoining burial spaces and memorial pages until needed. We will assist you in recording your wishes in your will, and cooperate with your estate plan. Our adjoining burial spaces offer extends to non-human cremains burials as well. Please contact us at director@infinitycemetery or 406-587-1818 for details.

• Total Cost – No Hidden Charges. The total cost of a cremated remains burial at Infinity Cemetery LLC is $1854, or $9999 for the seasonally available Natural Burial, and includes the Green Burial Space, the actual burial (opening and closing), with or without a reading of up to a page of text, poetry or prayer, a photograph of the gravesite area of the burial and an optional 100 MB online permanent memorial page here at infinitycemetery.com. Transportation or shipping of remains is at the client's expense.
How it works: The Return to Nature process for cremated remains begins with payment in full at our website, infinitycemetery.com//services/burial-privileges.  (We accept credit and debit cards, PayPal and eChecks online. We also accept personal checks and money orders by mail, and cash at our Bozeman office.) Payment generates an email receipt and a link to login and complete an Application for Burial Privilege. Submitting the Application for Burial Privilege unlocks access to a customizable Memorial page and generates an email with shipping instructions for sending the cremated remains to Infinity Cemetery (usually by USPS Priority Mail Express) and a legal document, the Conveyance of Cemetery Burial Privilege. Upon receipt of the cremated remains we will email and Postal mail you a notice that the cremated remains have been properly buried, with a photo and location tag.
For Natural Burials, April - October, please contact us directly at 406-587-1818. Montana law requires 24 hour burial for unrefrigerated natural remains. You are welcome to visit us and select one or more burial locations. Please call 406-587-1818 or email info@infinitycemetery.com for an appointment.
Return Policy - Our guarantee: We will always provide an understanding, kind and compassionate, completely natural burial and memorial experience for our bereaved clients. If you change your mind about the cremated remains green burial and contact us within five days of your order, and we have not yet completed the burial, we will return the cremated remains to you and refund your purchase price minus the return shipping costs. After the burial has been completed, if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your purchase and cancel your memorial page if you contact us with a reasonable explanation within thirty days. Buried remains have been integrated into the earth, and cannot be exhumed without a court order.