Our Story

Quincy and Rae OrHai met in college in 1975 and married three years later. Brought together through a common desire to live a life of self determination and to live simply off the land. After moving to Bozeman in the fall of 1984, we purchased land and began to build. The property became named Little Red Hen Ranch, after a children’s folktale. We have used ingenuity and resourcefulness to build our infrastructure out of recycled and repurposed material as much as possible.
The OrHai family has grown over the years to include three sons, a daughter, grandchildren, many family dogs and cats, chickens, goats, and Lulu the guard donkey. We are stewards of this land, promoting healthy plant ecology and leaving a large portion in its natural state. Elk, moose, black bears, deer and foxes are among our neighbors, and the land provides refuge and sustenance for them and their young. We wish to remain with the land after death, becoming part of the cycle that we experience each year with the snow melt, the first blooms of pasqueflower in the spring, and the frolicking of the baby black bears.

Our Mission

We created Infinity Cemetery to provide an alternative to conventional burial methods, offering a natural burial in an idyllic, tranquil setting. We believe that after death it is time to surrender the body’s remains to the forces of nature, flowing into the cycle of life and death. We believe that human remains should never be scattered, but always buried in a protected location, and honored forever. We do not believe in placing obstacles in the path of the natural process, forgoing urns, non-biodegradable caskets and vaults, instead burying in as minimalistic a way as possible. Our cemetery is in a rugged location, and will remain peaceful, pristine, and undisturbed forever.

Our Pledge to you:

Infinity Cemetery is committed to the highest natural green burial standards. We will always provide understanding, compassionate, and completely natural burial services to preserve a dignified final resting place.


At last, you’ve found an immaculate resting place that allows you or your loved ones to return the cycle of life. No more searching. No more wondering.
At Infinity Cemetery, in death and burial, you become one with nature’s beauty and wonder.